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Goat Roti

Boneless pieces of goat meat and potatoes slow cooked to perfection in a delicious Caribbean curry, served wrapped in our homemade roti shell

just $1300 Tax included

The Flaming Rooster

Chicken quarters marinated in J’s homemade Jerk seasoning, grilled over an open flame, served with Rice n’ peas, Fried plantain and Cruiser slaw.

just $1275 Tax included

Macaroni pie

Mac n' Cheese or as Barbadians call it  Macaroni pie. This cheesy treat is one of the most popular dishes on any restaurant menu in Barbados. When done right, Macaroni pie  is the perfect comfort food. Give it a try!

just $500 Tax included

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In 2010 I learned about the rise of the gourmet food truck industry in the United States. I remember telling my wife, “Hey honey, we can bring this to Ottawa”.  I kept thinking about it as the years went by. Then in 2013, the City of Ottawa expanded and diversified the mobile food industry by launching a program designed to encourage culturally diverse food on the streets of Canada’s capital city.  This initiative was well-received by Ottawans from all walks of life. The popular support encouraged the dream of bringing my favourite foods directly to the people of my city. The vision From the onset, I envisioned The Caribbean Cruiser Food Truck as more than a traditional Chip truck.  Starting with the truck,  I wanted a truck with its own character and a lot of curb appeal.  The truck had to be big enough to accommodate a four-burner range, two deep-fryers, griddle, grill, fridge, freezer, and a steam table. In hindsight, I wanted a a fully functional commercial kitchen on wheels- I wanted a ‘food truck 2.o. The Food I bring to your plate and palate a new kind of experience, born out of love for the Caribbean approach to fresh and flavourful food.  It may sound cliché, but our daily offerings will be of the highest quality, prepared fresh daily, using the best available ingredients.  Some of the items we will feature are: Fish n’ Chips! I grew up in a fishing village in Barbados, so naturally seafood was one of the main staples of my diet. I love the way Barbadians prepare fish. The time that is taken in preparing the catch of the day is always reflected in the taste. Whether it is grilled or pan fried, fish must be first be marinated in a fusion of lime, oil and spices. Only then it is ready for the grill, the pan, or the deep fryer. Rotis!  I cannot say enough about these Trinidadian delicacies. When made properly these Indian-inspired curry dishes will excite the senses. Just like the sun, sea and sand, rotis are truly a part of Caribbean culture. Rice! This is a staple of Caribbean cuisine, and Caribbean chefs have perfected the art of making rice.  The Caribbean Cruiser will be serving rice medleys, Caribbean-inspired Chinese fried rice, and of course traditional combinations of rice and peas (rice with lentils or kidney beans and special seasonings). Barbadian Macaroni Pie!!  Similar to traditional mac n’cheese…but better!  All I can say about this dish is: when it’s done right, Barbadian Macaroni pie is simply heavenly. Jerk Chicken BBQ!  Jamaicans have re-imagined the ancient art of barbecuing. Our BBQ Jerk Chicken will delight the fire-breather in you and have you coming back for more. Be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted! Ox Tail! Yes, I said ox tail.This is by far my favorite Jamaican dish. Believe me, you have to try it once (it won’t be your last time). J’s Island Burger!  My gift to the hamburger lovers, this juicy sirloin patty is slow grilled to perfection, topped with bacon, mild white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. And what’s a burger without my secret sauce? “The meals will be of the highest quality using the best available ingredients. I wanted to utilize my restaurant experience and love of Caribbean cuisine to create and promote some of the meals that locals of the various Caribbean island and tourist alike have grown to love”. Julian

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